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This is non profit event with all proceeds raised donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis.   To date this event has generated more than  $150,000 in financial support for this worthy organization.  For the small price of admission you are helping the many families who depend on the Ronald McDonald House while their children undergo treatment at St. Jude.

2014 Ticket Pricing


Adult Admission (Gate)


Adult Admission (Advanced)


Children 12 and Under


Before you buy your ticket…

  1. What is the refund policy?

    Without the generous donations of our sponsors along with the money raised from ticket sales, we would be unable to put on this charitable event.  Ticket refunds may be addressed on a case by case basis unless otherwise denoted herein.  Management reserves the right to deny any and all refunds at their discretion.

    Refunds of tickets under the following circumstances are strictly prohibited:

    1. Lost / Stolen / Misplaced Tickets are the responsibility of the ticket holder / purchaser (not the event/or it's staff).
    2. Rain Date Venue Changes.  In purchasing a ticket you are acknowledging the possibility that rain or severe weather (beyond the control of management and staff) may result in the event being rescheduled to it's established rain date: N/A.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to plan and make all arrangements and accommodations to account for this possibility before committing to attending/purchasing a ticket.
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  2. Can I Bring a Cooler or Beverage Carrier?

    No outside food, drink, or carriers are permitted at our event. All outside coolers are prohibited on festival grounds during the event.  You will be asked to discard any such items upon entry and/or be turned away at the gate.

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  3. What is the Policy on Pets?

    A truly loyal pet obeys his or her master. A truly responsible pet owner obeys Pet Policies.

    Please kindly leave your four legged friend at home. We realize that 99% of the rest of the year this is a general park area where leashed pets (City Ordinance Sec. 8-16-6-B) are generally permitted, however, during the weekend of our event this area becomes the festival grounds for Southern Hot Wing Festival (i.e. we pay/rent/lease the right to use and operate in this space and therefore have discretion over what is / is not allowed) during our event.

    When you and Fido are hanging out in the park on any other beautiful day, there is usually ample space for other people to spread out and keep their distance from you if say, for example, they do not like pets, have a pet specific allergy, or even possibly a fear of a certain kind of pet or breed. So when all of a sudden a bunch of people start cramming into this confined space for a rather large scale event such as ours (at points shoulder to shoulder) .... hopefully the potential for problems becomes more evident ....

    You end up with all these strange unknown people that Fido has not ever seen before, all in close proximity, occasionally bumping or accidentally brushing into poor ol' Fido and next thing you know Fido's innate animal instinct takes over and somebody gets bitten or attacked.  Whether accidentally, purposefully, or anywhere in the vast gray area in between -- It is the possibility, no matter how remote, that we are concerned with as it not only increases your liability as the pet owner, but also puts Southern Hot Wing Festival at risk of fines, lawsuits, and any number of other actions that could jeopardize our ability to continue hosting this fun and festival Memphis tradition.

    Bottom Line Folks: We are pet owners as well and we love our pets as much as we are sure you love yours.  However for the sake of avoiding any personal upset or argument with our gate volunteers and staff please do as we do and leave your pet at home.  They will miss you ... but only for a little while.  Thanks for being responsible!

    2015 EVENT WARNING Please note that for the 2015 Hot Wing Festival we will be more aggressively enforcing this policy at each of the entry gates. Anyone attempting to enter with a pet (of any kind) will be denied entry. Though many will still try anyway ... you have been warned and we would appreciate you being cooperative and understanding.

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  4. I Purchased a Ticket. What all is included?

    Please note that tickets are valid for admission and entry only. Our competing hot wing teams will be offering assorted samples of their hot wings to admitted ticket holding patrons for small ($1-2) additional donations to the RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE as part of the FUNDRAISING EFFORTS FOR THE EVENT.

    Admission/Gate Tickets do not provide or entitle the ticket bearer to "free wings" or "free samples" from any participating team(s).  Event ticket sales, in addition to the generous support from our fine sponsors, are largely responsible for helping us to put on this fun and entertaining annual festival.  At the end of the event any leftover funds from ticket sales is added up with the funds raised by our teams and then gifted to the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis.

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  5. How young is too young for children?

    There is no particular restriction or limit, but use your best parenting judgement.  This will be a fairly active event replete with ongoing live entertainment that may be noisy in some areas. Extremely young children (e.g. less than one - two years of age) may find such an active and noisy environment to be overwhelming or overstimulating in their still developing worldview, so if you are in any way concerned please consider calling up your favorite babysitter or dropping your youngin off with the parents or in-laws for a few hours while you come down and enjoy some wings.

    All children are the responsibility of their respective parents and guardians. DO NOT leave any child unattended while on the festival grounds.

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  6. Can I Bring Blankets or Lawn Chairs?

    Yes you sure can. You are permitted to bring your own lawn chairs and/or blankets into the event for general seating in the park.  All items, however, are subject to search by security at the gate and will be the responsibility of the patron to maintain during the event.

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  7. We are bringing our child who is 12 years old. Does he need a ticket?

    No Children 12 Years of age and under are admitted for free and do not require tickets in order to gain entry to the event. Supervising adults, however, will need to purchase a General Admission ticket.

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  8. What happens in the event of inclement weather?

    Conditions permitting, the event will be moved up to the established rain date: N/A. Tickets which have been purchased in advance shall be valid for entry even in the event of a date change. On the chance occasion that the event is canceled completely due to bad weather (inclusive of the rain date) please refer to our website for any and all details or announcements.

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  9. Where do I get the advanced discounted tickets?

    Advanced / Discounted tickets will be available for purchase either directly at the Ronald McDonald house or at any participating Mapco Mart.  Stay tuned with our website or social media accounts for announcements on general availability and sales.

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Please clearly and carefully read through our FAQs if you have any questions and before you purchase your tickets and please contact us or hit us up via social media if you need help or clarifications.

Where can I get tickets?

Ronald McDonald House Memphis
Mapco Express

You can get your tickets by visiting the Memphis Ronald McDonald and inquiring at the front desk OR by visiting any local area Memphis Mapco station. Tickets will also be available for purchase directly at the gate and may be available for purchase online closer to the date of the event.

At the Gate

If you did not purchase tickets in advance of the event, you can purchase them directly at the gate the day of the event.

Ticket Refunds Policy

All ticket sales are final. No Refunds or exchanges. Please also remember that your ticket purchase is a donation to the Ronald McDonald House charities of Memphis who greatly appreciate your indirect support.

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